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Twin Pregnancy Time-Line Checklist

Weeks 1-8:
– Start eating for three
– Get exercise (walking or jogging)
– Find an OB/GYN
– Schedule prenatal check-up
– Make a budget to handle two or more children

Weeks 8-12:
– Have a look at a Newborn twins shopping list
– Start acquiring items on the list (or pricing out items)
– Start looking into maternity clothes
– Schedule necessary appointments with doctor (chorionic villus sampling, Nuchal translucency screening, chromosomal disorder screening
– Visit doctor for first ultrasound

Weeks 12-16:
– Start to plan your maternity leave
– Schedule Amniocentesis
– Visit the doctor
– Increase your calorie intake again

Weeks 16-20:
– Start researching childcare options
– Start planning living situation and nursery
– Have second ultrasound (18-20 weeks)
– Find out babies’ genders
– Get multiple marker screening done
– Start to notice your belly grow
– you might start to feel the babies’ kicks
– register for baby shower gifts (you’ll need a lot)

Weeks 20-24:
– Research and interview pediatricians
– Sign up for and attend a few child bearing classes for twins
– Go to the doctor
– Get blood tests done
– Register for infant/child first aid

Weeks 24-28:
– Start interviews for doulas and child care
– If you don’t have life insurance, you should purchase it now
– Get glucose challenge screening done at the doctors
– Start going through baby names books (you have to pick two!)

Weeks 28-32:
– Prepare birth plan and have it typed out
– Cook and freeze meals for after babies are born
– Everyone should be able to feel the babies move by now
– Finish off the nursery
– Buy necessary baby items
– Pack hospital bags (make a list of items in the bag)
– Visit the doctor twice
– You should go to a childbirth class during this time

Weeks 32-36:
– Prepare emergency call sheets
– Have two more doctor visits
– Have your baby shower
– Baby proof your home
– Get biophysical profile
– Get group B strep test

Weeks 36 – Delivery:
– Get non-stress tests
– Visit the doctor every week
– Double check hospital bag