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New Beginnings -a personal tale of the birth of my first child

The one thing I knew was that I was ready for it. Five years of wanting and waiting, the past ten months of preparation and sacrifice. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and nothing can actually prepare you for it, but I was ready. The day was finally here.

It started like any other day, opening the site and preparing the day for myself and my coworkers. I was the first one there, as per usual. There’s something about being alone in a quiet workplace before the chaos starts that sets a good tone for the day. It was the beginning of the window installation for the house, so it was going to be a long day. I started unwrapping the first few windows, to be well ahead of the guys when they show up. Voices talking about the brisk morning broke the silence as the guys started to arrive, bringing in the fresh aroma of coffee and cigars. After our morning greetings, they grabbed their tools and joined me unwrapping the windows. We quickly broke off into teams to install the ready-to-go windows.

My pocket started to vibrate, followed by the very loud ring that alerted everyone around me. I quickly reached for my phone to answer to a very panicked wife. “IT’S TIME!!” she yells, her voice breaking halfway through the words. “You have to come home!!”. And just like that, I smiled at the guy I was working with, dropped my tools and shouted “I’M HAVING A KID TODAY!!”. Without hesitation, I ran down to the Jeep, kicking off my work boots as I scrambled in and sped off down the road. I’m very surprised that I didn’t get into an accident because I definitely wasn’t thinking about driving on that drive home; a million other thoughts were racing through my head about the very different day I was about to have.

I arrived at home safely, ran into the house where she was extremely relieved to see me. I quickly grabbing the hospital bags and drove us to the hospital. When we got there, which seemed to take a lot longer than it did, we were greeted by a very nice nursing staff. We were brought to a room with one other person, also in active labour and as scared and excited as we were. The next few hours consisted of trying to calm her down during the contractions and to relax between them. Back rubs and constant reassurance, while trying to time the contractions was a full time job. As they got closer together, we got our own room that was a lot more private and comfortable for both of us. The pain that she was in was definitely not normal, so we opted for an epidural. It was major relief, and we could both rest for a little while… Or so we thought.

All of a sudden, machines started beeping and alarms blaring. Within seconds there was a doctor and three nurses in the room. All inspecting my wife, the baby she was carrying and the machines that were going crazy. After a few minutes of tests, the doctor said very sternly, “The baby’s heartrate is dropping, we have to do an emergency c-section”. The words activated the room and brought new fears and concerns into play. Three more nurses came rushing in and started unplugging all the machines from her. They quickly rushed her down the hall to the operating room. I followed closely behind until I was stopped by a nurse because I had to put on scrubs. Fears started gnawing at the back of my mind as I sat there in the chair waiting to enter the room. The watch said four minutes, but it seemed like forever until I got to go into the room with her. They had already started the surgery and the room was electric. A wide array of people and machines, all doing what they know how to do. I sat there, trying to comfort her, knowing very well what was happening on the other side of the curtain. We both couldn’t believe that this was happening.

I never thought id be so relieved to hear crying. The feeling was extraordinary, like an adrenaline rush that was amplified by a million. After cutting the cord and cleaning him off, I picked him up and brought him over to my wife who was completely overwhelmed and in disbelief that this magnificent little person just came out of her. I will never forget this wonderful moment. We finally got to welcome our little bundle of joy into the world!!

It was the best New Years Eve ever!!